Kidneya Therapeutics

Protect health from xenobiotics

Aristolochic Acid is one of the most potent xenobiotics and nephrotoxic substance. We provide platform that can be used as digital biomarker system for patients at risk regarding Aristolochic Acid exposure. This is way for protecting kidney health. Specialists can use our platform for monitoring and early diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease as a result of Aristolochic Acid exposure.

Use toxins for drug-discovery

Altough Aristolochic Acid and other xenobiotics have devastating influence on health, our research regarding their metabolism is excellent tool for drug-discovery. Our system can be used to combine multiple metabolism elements (such as lipoproteins) and xenobiotics (such as Aristolochic Acid) in order to find out new drugs.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

New IT technologies had strong influence on medicine in the recent years. We are developing AI/ML deep-learning models for the early diagnosis and drug-discovery. Those models are based on our previous research in this field.

Combining demographics and epidemiology

So far, most of AI/ML models in medicine were based only on one set of data. We combine demographics and clinical data to fine-tune our models.


Pretrained models we have developed, can be used for further research in the field of metabolomics. Researchers can find new metabolic pathways, which were not known so far.